Why take this course?

To be more effective in your NBN related role.

The NBN is a radical change to Australian broadband. If you are

  • a manager on a local counil in a rollout area
  • on a team preparing NBN tenders
  • a Service Provider engaging with NBN Co
  • working in NBN policy areas
  • buying NBN products
  • otherwise engaged with the NBN

then your job requires a clear understanding of the project. For example

  • the difference between FTTP, FTTB, FTTN
  • how contention ratios determine the actual NBN data rates
  • how the NBN architecture underpins pricing
  • how voice services change with the NBN
  • how the project has evolved through Government changes
  • how the changed policy environment affects Telstra

NBN related work relies heavily on technical jargon.

Without basic broadband technology literacy, it makes little sense.

This course fills the gap.

The content has been run widely for technical and non-technical audiences throughout Australia.

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